Beep Egg Singing Egg Timer

This singing and floating-egg timer will ensure that your eggs are boiled to perfection every time. Designed to work at all altitudes and under all conditions, this innovative device constantly monitors the outer temperature to calculate the core temperature of the egg. The three tunes correspond to the hardness of the eggs being boiled. The first tune, ""Oh Susanna,"" indicates that the egg is soft-boiled (eggwhite soft and the yolk runny); the second tune, ""Take me out to the Ballgame,"" indicates that the egg is medium-soft boiled (the eggwhite is hard and the yolk is still slightly runny), while the third tune, ""Hail, Hail the Gang's all Here,"" indicates that the eggs are hard-boiled (the yolk is hard, but not discolored from overcooking). For best care and results, always store BeepEgg with real eggs as this prolongs the battery life and the BeepEgg works on a thermal model which functions best when it starts off at the same temperature as the real eggs. The BeepEgg is optimized for medium to large eggs; add approximately 30 seconds when cooking extra-large eggs. Never use BeepEgg in a microwave or in a sauce pan without water. The BeepEgg is made in Germany and comes with a 2-year warranty.


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Category: Food Prep Tools

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