Bye Bye Fruit Fly 16 Oz.

Keep your kitchen clear of the pint-sized pests with this safe, all-natural solution (which uses your own containers - helping to reduce the impact on our landfills).  Bye Bye Fruit Fly is a proven, effective way to eliminate fruit flies.

Bye Bye Fruit Fly is a proven lure for fruit flies.  It is non-toxic, safe around children and pets, and harmless in food-prep areas.  Our all-natural ingredients and recyclable bottle will not harm you or the planet.


1)  Pour Bye Bye Fruit Fly into a small bowl or ramekin (about an inch high).

 2) Place bowl near fruit (or where flies congregate) and leave undisturbed.  The flies go in, but never come out!

 3) When the dish is full of fruit flies, simply pour the contents down the drain.

 4) Bye Bye Fruit Flies!




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Category: Cleaning

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