Chef's Choice Heart-Shaped Waffle Pro

Prepare the world's most delicious waffles in just 90 seconds with the revolutionary Chef'sChoice® WafflePro®. With a simple flip of the texture select switch, you can choose either fast bake for waffles with a crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior, or deep bake for a more uniform texture. This professional, heavy-duty unit offers a "waffle ready" alarm, "baking" and "ready" lights, instant temperature recovery for continuous baking, a non-stick deep channel griddle and an easy-clean overflow channel. A "floating" hinge for the stainless lid ensures uniform thickness and baking. With a built-in cord storage compartment, the waffle maker can be conveniently stored in a space-saving, upright position. This waffle maker comes in a Five of Hearts format and includes a recipe booklet. 1-Year limited warranty.

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