Goodbye Detergent All-purpose Spaghetti Scrub

Goodbye Detergent Spaghetti Scrubs have natural abrasives for all your scrubbing needs. What do we mean by natural? How about peach pits? No detergent is needed for general cleaning, but a tiny dab of soap can be used if tackling heavy grease. Keep in mind that a little dab can go a long way because these scrubs will stay very soapy and the peach pit abrasives are effective on their own. Spaghetti Scrubs last for months and because of their unique shape, they’re pliable enough for trickier cleaning jobs and tight spots such as corners, whisks, and behind faucets. The best part is they dry quickly and completely, so there’s never a stinky or moldy sponge in your sink. After you’re done cleaning, just rinse them, and hang on the faucet to dry.


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Category: Cleaning

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