Aarke Water Carbonator

Elevate your countertop style with the Aarke sparkling water maker featuring a polished stainless-steel enclosure from head to toe. Designed in Sweden, this sleek and slim carbonator produces fizzy soda water via a simple lever mechanism. Just push the lever and hold it until you hear a buzz, then release it and unscrew the bottle. Add natural flavorings like citrus juice and syrups to create your own flavored waters and sodas.

  • Makes sparkling water from tap water in seconds, an eco-friendlier and less expensive alternative to buying bottled water.
  • The lever both carbonates the water and automatically releases pressure in the bottle.
  • Unique safety system with three independent valves keeps water out of C02¬†cylinders.
  • Strong, durable stainless-steel housing with an elegant polished finish.
  • Drip tray catches water drips.
  • Includes a 33-oz. (1-liter) PET water bottle with stainless-steel cap.
  • Compatible with 60-liter C02¬†cylinders (sold separately).
  • Requires no electricity or batteries.

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